Eric. 18. these asian men will be the death of me one day.

M u d b l o o d ^w^

I hate talking to people when they make me feel like we are dating and getting all jealous like WE AINT CHILL. I just don’t like jealous people point blank.

"When “i” is replaced with “we” even illness becomes wellness."

— Malcolm X (via pnko)

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*rolls eyes*

What’s your major? Favorite childhood memory? Do you like anime, if so which ones? Any pets?

- I’m currently undecided on my major :(
- probably the times where my family is all together since we rarely all hang out now.
- I’ve watched like 3/4, it’s not that I don’t like it I just never got sucked in.
- I have a dog he’s 6 now :-) love that lil asshole. ALSO idk if it counts but there’s a cat that lives outside my house. It’s a stray but basically we feed it & it just stays at our doorstep now or it wanders throughout the block & comes back. (It has no name tho)

blackrabbit44: I tried to scroll back and find he Qs you'd reblog get but they're way too far so I'm making some up. What's your major? Favorite childhood memory? Do you like anime, if so which ones? Any pets? Btw Don't let people bag on you for saying "nigga". Some still take it offensive sure but I think everyones allowed their slur now and again

where I live it’s used as a daily term, it’s not like I’m going around using it to offend people. plus I might of noticed this late BUT the anon said “you’re not even black why are you using the word nigga” , so basically if I was black I could use the word but since I’m Latino I can’t? Ya needa grow up.

tonight was my first time at a club

this creepy scary guy was seriously trying to pimp me out tonight, he said my looks would make a lot of money and I should work under his name. Hell naaaaaaaaaaaw.

"I thought I would be okay. I kept telling myself: “Work harder. Go home and get to bed early. Don’t tell others you’re unhappy.” I don’t know how to get through these long nights. I can’t sleep. I don’t want to hate myself."

Days Of Being Wild (1990)

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